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G&S is an enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacture and production of perfume packing. we focus on customer's ideas and provide various perfume packaging solutions. 
G&S has designed and manufactured a large quantity of high-end perfume packaging products for the world's famous perfume brands.
All our perfume packing products are completed by the professional factory, and the rate of good product is as high above as 99%.
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/ Design What You Want and Turn the Blueprint Into Reality /
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Our custom designed perfume bottle, multi-color variety with you as you like to match, perfume bottle can provide a variety of texture surface according to your requirements, there are 11 kinds of process for you to choose, including perfume bottle bottle design to process design, and we will turn ideas into reality.

G&S luxury brand has been engaged in perfume packaging for more than ten years, our custom design service is the most important, high-quality product quality to excellent one-stop service and stable supply, let us become the leader in the peer, let us win more customers' high trust.

Provide elegant bottle design, each perfume bottle has its own unique design, smooth lines, smooth bottle, like a fine art. Each designed perfume bottle is equipped with a specially customized gift box to make the perfume bottle appear more elegant. Design your own brand, make your own perfume brand become the most eye-catching existence.

For manufacturers and suppliers, we offer high luxury quality options, qualified production plants help us reduce costs, but also can have high quality finished products, in addition to high luxury quality, we also provide you with more affordable prices, so that you can trust us more.

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/ Provide one-stop service to ensure high luxury and high quality /

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We have more than ten years of rich manufacturing experience, as a leader in the perfume packaging industry to lead the industry design wind, for custom perfume bottle packaging to provide the best design research, design development, sales and production;

We will also provide each customer with high-quality one to one one-stop service, from discussion design to product molding, we will provide customers with professional advice with a professional vision, in order to achieve the most satisfactory finished product standards.

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" G&S ability is the best, we are very satisfied with the quality of the products and the excellent service provided by this company, they can solve all problems quickly. "

" G&S is the most trusted

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